Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wrap Me Up

I find this post amusing as I sit in my air conditioned office in shorts and a tank because its 80 degrees out but all I am thinking about it falling into jackets! A great jacket can make any shirt, any dress or just about anything pop and make a statement. I love love jackets especially ones that I can wear in the fall and then transition them into winter with a heavy sweater. Some people have one or two winter jackets and they rotate them, well I simply cannot do that ha. Trench coats are still  very in this year and gray is the must have color. I found this gray jacket at TJ's for only $50. I linked a few similar ones for all of you. I apologize I could not find the same one online. But I did find these boots.  When I first saw these boots I picked them up and then put them right back down. After walking around the store for about 15 minutes I realized I made a mistake and they would be a great purchase. I don't have anything like these boots. They are a little edgy for me, but I love them! I think they will look great paired with black denim and tights as well. I found the exact version online where I purchased them. They are actually very comfortable which I was surprised! I linked a few other jackets I have my eye one, like the gray one with the fur. My husband said its a no brainer and I should buy it, but I am trying to justify it a little bit longer! Maybe when it actually gets cold outside I will see the need for it ;) Its suppose to get a little chillier here within the next week and I am very happy about it. I feel like I can never decide what to wear anymore, since I am over summer clothes but if I bring out the sweaters I will just roast. When I wore this outfit it was perfect to wear without the jacket, I am looking forward to wearing it with it! I hope you all have an amazing week. I am looking forward to halloween. I began decorating for our annual halloween party this weekend. It seems like I keep buying a few more things every year to add to the collection. So excited about my halloween costume this year.  I cannot wait to share it with y'all.

This is a picture from my 30th birthday brunch last year with my husband. They have the exact same coat out this year for a steal! I wanted to share this one with you girls as well.