Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Walking Into Fall In This One

Walking into Wednesday and into fall in this dress! How pretty is this floral pattern and detail. It reminds me of a free people dress without the price!Bell- sleeves, floral and $24 dollar price tag its a must have in your fall closet. During this time of the year I love wearing dresses with booties. Even if  it is a little hotter outside you can throw on a jean jacket and be good to go. This dress would be perfect for a day look or night out. I love Target, for ohhhh so many reasons and one is that their clothes are so affordable. I like to wear clothes a few times and then Ill be honest I am over them. I know its a bad habit but If I am only spending $24 dollars on a dress I feel like its ok right? Target online is the best place to shop. I find myself going into the store and feeling overwhelmed at times with trying to find my size or a clothing item I like. Online you have the best way of finding their new clothes. Or follow the target style app @targetdoesitagain these girls are amazing and always find the cutest items sometimes before they even hit our store racks. I know everyone is still trying to enjoy summer but I find myself over here drinking pumpkin spice coffee and ready to start burning the fall candles. Oops! Below I have added the cutest dresses all which are very affordable and would look so cute with a jean, suede or leather jacket. Tell me which one is your favorite and I would love to see how you styled it!
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