Thursday, August 10, 2017


The fact that camo is popular with two populations ...hunters and woman in the fall makes me laugh but I'm ok with it! I love a good camo jacket or vest to toss over a tshirt or blouse in the fall. Add distress denim and booties and you got my Saturday outfit in October. I've rounded up a few jackets I love within a variety of price ranges. I like to do my research and find the best sales and quality of clothing for the price! I havnt decided which one I'm going to get, but I love the jacket with the flower detail. This jacket adds a feminine touch to camo! Can you all believe we are in mid August? The weather is starting to drop here and I'm lovin the fact I get to wear a jacket in the mornings! Whether or not your going out in the wilderness or getting a skinny vanilla latte these jackets would fit the part in my opinion. Heres to the weekend.