Saturday, July 1, 2017

What I am reaching for these days


Anyone else have 5 things they need included in there daily or weekly routine? Or do we all have like ten right. Today Im sharing the top 5 things that are my go to's everyday or a must have around the house. Make up and hair products come in and out but we all have our favorites we can't live without (I kinda like how that rhymed lol). If any of these where to somehow discontinue I truly wouldn't know what to do. We know all have an excuse to use our Ulta 20%off everything coupon! 

1. Living Proof Perfecting Spray- We have all tried so many sprays that leave our hair feeling flat oily and just don't work right? This makes my hair feel healthy and full of life. It helps so much as a detangler as well and when its dry it helps with the style to hold those curls! A little goes along way ....Definitely worth the price.

2. YSL-The Shock Mascara- Ok really you have to get this. I bought this mascara thinking yeah it will be another one I just throw in the make up drawer and never use. No No No this stuff is legit amazing. My lashes get so much volume with only one coat. For everyday work, I use one coat and on the weekends I use two or three. The best part about it is at the end of the night it washes right off with makeup remover so I am not scrubbing my eyes to death! I thought about eye lash extensions but I can't imagine having something I can't take off when I want too! I know you all know what I mean!

3. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter (Opal)- I got a sample size of this one day at Ulta and I couldn't wait to give it a try. I literally used every scrap of the sample and as soon as it was out I went and got a bigger one. I use this daily as a base on my eyes and on my cheeks. It provides the best summer glow without looking like too much. Again a must  try if you haven't already. I've tried the creams and they just don't work well for me.

4. Philosophy Pure Grace Summer- I have used grace perfume in the past and its a light perfume that isn't over powering and just gives a nice aroma. I think you can wear it all year around but when they came out with a summer perfume I wanted to see how it would smell on me. My friend and I where talking about this the other day that some people cannot wear floral undertones or citrus or vanilla they just pull a different smell. I think this perfume smells exactly on as it does in the bottle! For once it doesn't smell completely different! You can always to go Sephora and they will give you small sample to test out before you buy a big bottle.. don't be shy I do it all the time to ensure I like the smell!

5. Hydra Beauty Serum By Chanel- With the warm weather, sun and my skin drying out, I have found these serum to revive it. I use a tiny amount and put it on after I wash my face at night. It almost reminds me of an amazing aloe. It hydrates my skin so well. Definitely worth adding to your daily moisturizing routine.

Heres just a few of my go-to's! I try not to use up all of my samples because they are perfect for traveling especially when you are limited on space, you cannot skimp out on the beauty products. 

What are you needing these days?