Monday, July 10, 2017

Flower Child

Who doesn't love that Tom Petty song?! I love starting my week off by going to the market on a Sunday or Trader Joes and stocking up on flowers for the week. I sometimes think about how I will justify buying a shirt for 30 dollars but don't mind to splurge and buy flowers ha. Something about having fresh flowers in every room makes me feel so happy and makes the house feel like a home. Growing up my mother loved flowers and she would surprise me all the time with fresh flowers in my room. When you go to my parents house there is always flowers.. I know where I got my love for flowers from! I wanted to share with you how I styled the flowers I got with some wonderful vases that were either apart of our wedding day or bought from our registry. I will admit I could probably throw a wedding with how many vases I have but you always have to have options right? Wildflowers and white roses are my absolute go too's. But onto this outfit...How perfect is this dress! What else could a girl want... polkadot detail and flowers in a blush pink?! It would fit amazing on absolutely anyone the way it flares. If you have not ever been on the actual Moon River  website you have to check them out. A lot of their clothing is sold at Anthro. Its such agreat clothing line. Their dresses provide the right amount of boho chic while still being very classy. You could pair this dress up with heels for a wedding or baby shower or like I did an add cute sandals. These sandals are like three years old but I will never get rid of them. They never go out of style and they would go with anything. I've had a thing for this denim jacket lately. Im sure you will see it in a few blog posts this month! Great news is it's from Old Navy and only $30. I hope everyone has a FABULOUS week. If you are feeling a little blah go out and get some fresh flowers and scatter them around your house. I swear they will bring sunshine to your day! Also don't forget to enter the giveaway that I posed yesterday! $100 dollar gift card to Nordstrom. Make sure you follow all the details. Only 3 more days until their big sale!