Tuesday, August 1, 2017

All the bells

Ladies lets all embrace the bell sleeve trend. Its going to be this years biggest fall clothing statement. There are so many ways a bell sleeve can bring out your personality and add drama to an outfit. Whether it be like the dress I am wearing or with one of the tops pictured above, you will at least on one occasion dance around shaking your arms imagining your dancing to all the single ladies... Right? Besides adding a little drama and edge to your outfit, belled sleeves are so girly and add the perfect amount of feminicity. Or you can feel like a conga dancer with big sleeves. The possibilities are endless. When I saw this dress I knew I had to order it especially because Macy's was having one of their one day sales that just so happens to be every weekend. I now see the price is back up to full price but just wait until next weekend or bring out those coupons to purchase it. You wont even second think it.. I promise. It is such a beautiful dress and the back just makes it even more one of a kind.

I love these pictures and how they showcase a truly unique city that I get to call home. Pittsburgh has so many things to offer everyone and sometimes I find myself taking a step back to realize how diverse and cultured it is. The location that these photos were taken in is called the Strip District. Its in downtown Pittsburgh. Its known for its wide variety of foods from many different cultures including my favorite Italian. There are many local businesses selling products from all around the world and locals selling their art and showcasing their passion. It has become an international destination. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend taking a visit to the strip. On the weekends is the best market and you won't go home hungry!

I am speechless with these beautiful pictures featuring this dress. I was lucky enough to have met such an amazing person inside and out a few days after starting my current job 3 years ago. I knew from the day I met her her creativity, spirit and energy was just inspiring. Im lucky enough to now call this beautiful soul, momma, one in million therapist and photographer a friend. I feel so fortunate to have had such a fun time exploring the city together, drinking amazing spicy and sweet mojito's while capturing these photos.  Meg thank you so much for your creativity behind the lens but more importantly for your generosity and willingness to always be there! You all need to follow her on instagram: mhursh25.  Happy Tuesday Loves. 

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Photography by:  Megan Hursh