Saturday, June 10, 2017

Taking it back to 7th grade

Who remembers ironing patches onto their pants? I had smiley faces, hearts you name it. Well look whats back! When I saw these jeans and I just purchased a free people skirt very similar I immediately thought of my middle school days. These jeans are so cute and they fit very well. I love the fringe on the bottom and the patch work. I added a simple tie top and wedges. Today we went to the arts festival and wow it got very hot. Had to come home and change into a different outfit but loved this one while it lasted. These jeans are under $40. I love to watch how fashion comes in and out. I am starting to realize it now that I am older and can say "I used to wear those". Sometimes I wish I just kept all my clothes for when this type of thing happens! Also its national rose day so cheers! I added some rose all day favorites above :).