Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday 5

Rounded up my favorite Friday 5 items! This bathing suit is amazzzzing. Details, details, details. It has ruffles and polka dots what else could a girl need in a swimsuit. The icing on the cake is it was only $18. As I blogged about earlier in the week the one piece trend is everything right now. My absolute favorite dupe bag of the summer is currently only in stock in orange but I listed the designer version as well. Ok gals not that I am 30 :( yes I said it. I need to protect my skin from the sun. When I was younger I would sit in the sun for days and not care about sunscreen or lotion....anything to get that bronzed glow. Well now I can enjoy being outside while protecting my skin with this self tanner. It truly gives you that boozed glow every girl wants especially in the summer. Its comes in two tones medium and dark and you see immediate results. The even better thing is it doesn't stain your clothes! I use medium and put two coats on every week and on the weekends I will do three. It doesn't streak and it smells great. Anyone else think self tanner smells like a cup of noodles or is that just me ha. Ill be honest, I hate my hair its thin and just doesn't do a thing. However that changed when one day I splurged and bought all new haircare supplies. This Man Tai Spritzer is great for the summer and doesn't leave my hair heavy. It also smells so good and a little bit goes along way.

I've worn these shoes in an earlier blog post but they are currently on sale 30% off! Not to mention they were already so cheap before the discount. I love my target style. Hope everyone has a great weekend and for all my Pittsburgh girls I hope this rain goes away! Cheers to happy hour!