Sunday, June 25, 2017

Feels Like Christmas

When anthropologie has a sale that is 50% off ... to me it feel like Christmas! I promised myself today that I would be good and I stuck with my plan! I'm so happy I didn't see this pineapple top when it first came out because I would have gotten it sooner and not got the sale price! As many of you already know I love pineapples and I love how subtle this print looks! The shirt is asymmetrical with ruffles on one side and a side tie waste. It's so cute and they even have shorts to match! Now along with pineapples my other crazy obsession is polka dots so of course I had to get this one. Again it's a unique style key reason why anthro is amazing but it goes around the neck and is flowy at the waste perfect to wear out for a pasta night! Hurry and go shop the sales at anthro before they are all gone! It is almost Christmas in July.....