Monday, June 26, 2017

Affordable Fashion

Whether it be Palm print, pineapples or flamingos they make me want to be somewhere tropical. I was on the hunt for a great palm print maxi dress and I was so happy when I found this one! This dress has so many details I love including the front slits and the lace up back. One detail I know we all can agree on is the price.. it was only $22. The total outfit was $57! I love affordable fashion and mixing items that are inexpensive with expensive statement pieces. Just because an outfit cost 500 dollars to me doesn't mean it looks better or someone is "fashionable" I truly think people who pair items on a budget have more creativity. They have to search for items that look high quality verses just buying a top because they can. There are so many blogs that I love but unfortunately I cannot justify spending 400 on a dress when to be real I'll probably wear it one time. So why not by ten right! That's how I would define my style paring an affordable item of clothing with a chic handbag or shoes. I'll admit forever 21 is not my go to store to shop. Sometimes I feel there clothes just loose their shape with one wash. But I have found there contemporary brand is better quality and it lasts after a few wears. This dress was worth every penny and I cannot wait to wear it this weekend on a date night with husband! Hope you all a great Monday.