Friday, June 30, 2017

6 Months Already?

This outfit is the perfect date night outfit. A girl can never go wrong with black and gold, especially living in Pittsburgh right? I bought these shoes for my bridal shower and then never ended up wearing them. I love the detail and they are so comfortable. Unfortunately they are old from Banana. I wore this outfit last night to celebrate 6 months of marriage bliss. I cannot believe today marks 6 months that my husband and I have been married. The planning the day and then after truly fly by! I wish time would all just slow down. We have had so much fun in the last 6 months and truly the best is yet to come. Including our honeymoon to Italy in just 2 short months! You can find my husband and I's engagement story here  I was so happy that our story was chosen on I am dedicating this blog post to my top 5 favorite things (event though I have 10 or like 15 Ill do 5 for now ha) about our wedding. 

1. The Date- Who wouldn't want to have NYE plans right? We chose a NYE wedding day 3 months into dating. Over many drinks Anthony put in my phone the next Saturday if we should still be dating would be the day "I marry my best friend" well ladies 4 years later on NYE I married my best friend with the best NYE party! He even put it in my calendar on my phone. 

2. The Venue- I love so many Pittsburgh venues but I truly wanted something special of our own. We had our wedding at a mansion in the city. My parents and I knew the owners and were so grateful they allowed us to rent out their gorgeous home for the weekend. Mind you having a wedding at a venue where a wedding has never been held is not for everyone. I am a crazy planner and spent and entire year gathering every single detail myself with the help of family and friends. One, because I am kind of a control freak and couldn't let anyone do it or plan it for me (at least I admit it right?). Down to making sure there was enough toilet paper yes I said it .. we had to do it. But the most rewarding thing ever was seeing it all happen and knowing we did something no one else has done and we did it together!

3. Outdoor reception in December- So another great brilliant idea I had was to have half our wedding outside in December in the middle of winter. I somehow knew it would all work out. Again it wasn't the easiest my father and his crew spent countless hours making sure the tent was perfect. I tell every bride things will go wrong trust me they do.. but remember to forget about it on your day and just have fun. 

4. Three room reception- Our cocktail hour was inside of the house, the reception was outside in the tent and the NYE party was on the third floor. I loved how everyone had the chance to walk around different rooms in the house and explore. A sit down reception was just something I never wanted and I am so glad my husband had the same vision as me. 

5. Our attire- My dress! I saw my dress as soon as we started dating on pinterest and I fell in love. I always knew I wanted a long sleeve wedding gown. I will never forget trying it on for the very first time. One bridal store in Pittsburgh carried my dress (Bridal Beginning). It was the first dress I tried on and I seriously made myself try on 6 more. But never got that same feeling. Another crazy thing is that my husband after we got engaged drew a picture of what he envisioned my to wear and it was almost identical to the dress I actually always loved. Its weird how much we truly think alike but we are so different! His suit.... well I wanted to do something special for him so for Christmas the year before our wedding his gift was a custom Indochino suit from me. Anthony has such great style and I knew this would be the perfect gift for him. His suit was so perfect! He had polkadots put in the inside for me and our hashtag monogrammed as well. We decided each year we are going to take a picture in them and I cannot wait to put that dress on again. 

I loved sharing this outfit with you all and a little bit about our wedding. I plan on doing more blog post about individual parts of the wedding as well. To all of you bride to be's out there create your own ideas and memories with your wedding! Its great to think outside of the box and design something that meets the need for you and your future husband. Enjoy the long weekend girls!