Monday, May 22, 2017

Easy Breezy

Its a Monday.... but this dress gives me all the feels! When I saw this dress online I immediately think of free people which is one of my favorite brands. Every time I try on their clothing I feel relaxed. I got the same feeling when I tried on this dress and the good news its only 29.99$ I came across this dress at target and I am so happy I did. I will be wearing it on repeat this summer. For size reference I am wearing a medium.

My husband and I had a very relaxed weekend we didn't do much of anything until really Sunday which consisted of two amazing 1st birthday parties. To be one again and have an entire cake put in front of your face... if they only knew 29 years from now they would love to just eat the whole thing!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Make sure you run to go purchase this dress it also comes in black and white!All outfit details below

xo Kelly