Saturday, August 30, 2014

DIY bar sign

So I've been working on the "man cave" and the one last project I wanted to complete was the bar! I found a few bar signs on etsy that were way over priced. I saw one online I really liked so I decided to make it myself. I went to Joann fabrics and they had this pallat board for 12.99 bonus I had a fourty percent off coupon! I also found the letters there I think for 1.99 a piece again on sale :) I bought wood stain at Home Depot. Be careful what stain you choose... Stay on the lighter side! Mine is a little too dark but I still think it turned out good! So for around 20 dollars I think it turned out awesome! 

And it only took 40 minutes total between coats drying! 

Enjoy xo Kelly