Sunday, February 16, 2014

You are the bubbles to my bath

Rustic & Modern 

A girl can have the best of both worlds. My style is very versatile when it comes to home decor and I didn't want the house to have one overall style. We decorated our upstairs bathroom rustic and the downstairs one very modern.  Who says a bathroom can't be fun to decorate? 

Apocrathy jars can be used literally anywhere. You can put candy, glitter, add then into kitchen decor by adding limes and lemons or bath salts which I used the bathrooom.

Shabby goes sleek

I love this bathroom. It is a completely different look than the upstairs bathroom. We love subway tile so we chose this light gray ceramic tile. This is "Anthony's" bathroom so of course he needed monogram napkins! If you have never tried Meyers hand soap is smells great and it comes in a nice glass bottle too :)

Enjoy xo Kelly