Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The real question is Ipsy or Birchbox?


Who doesn't love coming home to a pink bag full of beauty suprises?! I know I do! For those of you who are not aware there is such a thing that comes once a month... And it's only ten dollars! Yep you read it right ;) The real question is which one is better? I have been subscribed to both over the last year and ipsy got my vote and here is why


Personalized in depth quiz about your likes and dislikes 
Full sized beauty products 
Colors and beauty supplies that compliment your skin tone and hair color/type 
A Cute bag every month
Different beauty products each month ie. lipgloss,eyeshadow and then you'll get a blush! 


You get pens sometimes and mints? 
Skin products and hair products less beauty products 
Miniature/sample size beauty products 

After my experience and trialing out both I recently have unsubribed to birchbox. Each month I am happy with ipsy, I enjoy getting full sized beauty products and just beauty products. If your into skin care and random in style accessories birch box may be the right fit for you! If you have a birthday coming up or a special occasion think of your friend or ask someone to think of you and get a subscription! Birchbox also has a men's box as well. I love going to the mail on the 15th of every month to get a pink suprise! Enjoy xo Kelly