Sunday, January 26, 2014

Makeup Must Haves

Everyone has their "must haves" especially when it comes to makeup! Here are a few of my favorite must haves! 

Urban decay naked foundation: I like a foundation that doesn't feel heavy but has great coverage. After trying multiple brands I found the one! Naked is light,doesn't cake and moisturizers your skin. It's a great foundation to use all year around and a small dot goes a longgg way. 

Nars Organza Blush: Whether you have fair skin to medium tone skin this blush is the best! I love how it can be used for day or night and the glow adds the perfect touch! 

Revlon Color Stay Lipgloss: I have a million lip glosses in the drawer that I use once and toss back.. Ok not a million but a lot! Color stay has many shades, is long lasting and not "sticky" it's a great price and you don't have to worry about buying 3-4 shades to go with every outfit

Sephora kohl eyeliner: I like a kohl eyeliner that's long lasting but "smudges" for that smokey eye look. Sephora eyeliner is my favorite. Thet have a variety of shades from dark purple to copper that will bring out any color eyes but exp green! They're 8.00$ and last me about 2 months! Highly recommend! 

Thought I shared my favorite must haves! Any one have a few they'd like to share? 

Xo Kelly